Facilitators: Daryl Ellis, Isaac Marquez, and Terral Salcedo

As college students, we often find ourselves at a crossroads, seeking practical experiences that will shape our future careers. Internships are the perfect stepping stones, providing invaluable hands-on experience in our desired fields. When it comes to internships, there are two main types to consider: Role-Based and Project-Based internships. Both offer unique advantages and can pave the way for a successful career.


Let’s start by exploring Role-Based internships. These internships provide an opportunity to shadow and learn about a specific role within a company. By immersing yourself in the daily activities of professionals, you gain a comprehensive understanding of the responsibilities and tasks associated with the role. This firsthand experience enables you to comprehend the intricacies of the position better and carry out tasks specific to that role. It’s a chance to sharpen your skills and enhance your knowledge within a supportive environment.


On the other hand, Project-Based internships offer a different approach. In this type of internship, you actively contribute to a project that has a direct impact on the company. As an intern, you become an integral part of the team, working alongside professionals to complete tasks and achieve project goals. This collaborative environment allows you to apply your skills, learn from experienced colleagues, and witness the tangible results of your efforts. Project-Based internships foster a sense of ownership and accomplishment, providing a unique perspective on how your contributions can make a difference.


Embrace Failure

 Don’t be afraid to fail — failure is a part of the engineering process


Curiosity is Key

Learn and ask questions about the development process


Boost Productivity

Invest time in implementing tools that make you more productive


Learn Holistically

Look for opportunities to learn non-technical parts of the task 


Be Flexible

Grunt work can also build skill and competence


Active Engagement

Observe, take notes, speak up, and speak out


Enjoy the Process

Remember to relax and enjoy the process

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